No Vote at Board of Selectman Meeting (1/31/18)

January 31, 2018

We have just been notified that there has been a change in the agenda for tonight’s (1/31) 5:00pm Board of Selectmen (BOS) meeting at Sullivan Independence Hall. While the capital project requests for Mill Hill Elementary School is still on the agenda, they will not be voting on this. There will be discussion but with some vital documentation not yet having been provided to the Board, they will not vote. The First Selectman assured me that once the information is provided they will call a special meeting if needed, even if this is the only item on the agenda, so that this can be addressed sooner rather than later. So while it is unfortunate that it will not happen today, it should be soon. I think we can be encouraged that he recognized the need to address this in a timely manner. Once a new meeting date/time that has the vote on the agenda is determined, you will be notified.

Everyone is still welcome to attend this evening but just know that the vote that we anticipated will not be happening. While we await a new meeting date, please use this additional time to write your letters/emails of support to the BOS, BOF and RTM. And if we can use your letters in upcoming meetings as a show of support, please copy MillHillReno@gmail.com.