Sponsorship Information

New for Mill Hill PTA 2014-15

Now there is a great sponsorship opportunity for all Mill Hill School PTA families to promote their business and service. You can gain an audience of over 200 families by letting all know you are available. Sponsorship contributions will go directly towards academic enrichment for our students.

2014-15 Sponsor Rates

Directory-reservation deadline Monday, October 13, 2014

$250/500* Inside front cover, inside back cover

$125/250* 2/3 page directory ad

$ 50/100* 1/3 page directory ad

*lock in rate by reserving same directory spot for 2015/16. note 2015/16 rates subject to change.

Website Ad

$100* logo/ad placement & link to your website

*Introductory rate subject to change during 2015

eNewsletter/Monday Message

$100 per month, includes 4 weeks

*Introductory rate subject to change during 2015

If you are interested in placing an ad please contact Kathy Watcke mhptacommunications@gmail.com

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