Above & Beyond

Welcome to Mill Hill School Above & Beyond Program. 

This is an after school program that runs several 6 week sessions throughout the school year. Most activities are on school premises but we do offer many off campus as well including van transportation to most. Each session offers various activities for all grades. Most classes run 3:40-4:40 unless off campus times may vary. You must be a PTA member prior to registering your child for these programs, it is for insurance purposes. Select Above & Beyond to register and review scheduled programs. 
Email millhill.activities@gmail.com with questions.

Thank you.

Above & Beyond Committee Ann Mackenzie, ann.meere@gmail.com.


FIRST: You must be a current Mill Hill PTA member to participate in any of the Above & Beyond programs. To join the PTA, go to www.millhillpta.com. If you are a new family, request a login and password fro. Once you are a PTA.com to let them know you are now a PTA member. The Above & Beyond committee will manually update your account on ourstudents.info and you can begin registration once you receive notification.

SECOND: Register your email address with our new site.

Go to: http://www.ourstudents.info/mhs
• Welcome to Mill Hill’s A&B website. In the right-hand column, under the Login link, click on: Register / Change Password.
• Insert your email address, hit continue.
• Check your email account. You will see an email from Gordon.oppenheimer@ourstudents.info. This email will allow you to create a password for your new account, and gain access. Can’t find the email? Look in your spam folder, just in case this email is not accepted in your inbox.
• If you have any issues with creating your login, please email millhill.activities@gmail.com.

• You can now view our classes online before the registration period begins.
• Go to: http://www.ourstudents.info/mhs
• Log in using your email and password.
• Click on the heading, Activities.
• Under Course Catalogs, click onto e.g. Spring 2017. There you will see the list of programs being offered during the 2017 Spring Session for the students. Scroll the list until you find the class you are interested in. Click on the title to read information about the class.
• To pick a class, check the first column Add. At the bottom of the classes, choose your child’s name for the class and hit Register.
• Under Step 2, check to make sure your child’s first and last name is correct, and fill in the following fields: emergency contact name, allergies, medical conditions and emergency contact number. Hit Save.
• For Step 3, is Student Waiver. Please read waiver carefully, then click on box and accept. If you do not accept, your child will not be able to participate in any Above & Beyond programs.
• For Step 4, you have 3 options. Option 1 allows you to register another child for another class, Option 2 to View your shopping Cart for Payments. Option 3 to View Invoice.
• Once you are finished registering, please review your shopping cart carefully, making sure you are happy with your class selections. Once satisfied, click Checkout.
• At the checkout, you can click on Invoice, and print.
• Payment must be made and received within 3 days of registrating, or your spot will be given to the next person on the wait list.
• Once classes begin, late registrations will not be accepted.

• Print your invoice and write out individual checks to each teacher/vendor.
• Send in your checks to school in an envelope addressed Above & Beyond. Or you can drop off at the front office.
• You must send in your payment as soon as possible. After 3 days, your spot will be given to the next student on the wait list.
• SPORTSPLEX Payment – Now you can pay online with a credit card directly for Mill Hill A&B classes held at The Sportsplex @ Fairfield, 85 Mill Plain Road. ◦ Go to their website http://www.sportsplexatfairfield.com.
◦ On the top heading, click on SPORTSPLEX, and scroll down to School programs.
◦ Choose Mill Hill. The classes offered at the Sportsplex for Mill Hill Above & Beyond will be listed.
◦ Click the Register button in bold to fill out student information and pay online.

Dismissal Policy
• We have changed the dismissal policy for Above & Beyond classes at Mill Hill. Parents are requested to pick up their children at the front entrance. The Parents on duty and Instrutors will walk the classes down to the front lobby for dismissal. The side doors by the gym and kindergarten will be locked.
• For students who will be taking classes at the Sportsplex, we are not assigning specific parents on duty. We are asking the parents to use their discretion and stay for the off-site class or arrive 10 minutes before the end of class to pick up their child. We have found the waiting rooms and parking lots at the Sportsplex to be very busy so please be safe.

Parent on Duty
• We are offering a feature where parents can pick their own Parent on Duty dates. This will hopefully make things easier for our Mill Hill families. For insurance purposes, the PTA insists there be a parent present for every PTA sponsored event, and Above & Beyond is included in this. If several parents pick the same date, one will be assigned. If you are signing up for several classes, you do not need to pick a parent on duty date for each class, just one. In this instance, choose NONE in the Parent on duty – pick a date option.

As a parent on duty you are responsible for the following:
• Arriving in designated class room/area 10 minutes prior to the start of class
• Ensuring that attendance is taken
• Escorting students to bathroom and water fountain
• Helping the Instructor with the students
• Dismissal of every child to his/her proper guardian
• Staying until every child is picked up

Weather Cancellations If school is closed due to inclement weather, all Above & Beyond programs for that day will be cancelled. Children should go home as they normally do. If school is not closed early but it is raining/snowing and there are some questions about whether a class will be held, a decision will be made after 1 p.m. (Please do not call the school earlier because the office will have no information.) If a class is cancelled due to weather, parents will be emailed after 1 p.m. by an Above & Beyond committee member and an announcement will be made over the public address system to inform teachers and students. The front office will phone a parent asking them about an alternative dismissal option. Children should go home as they normally do. If, for some reason, your child cannot follow the usual dismissal routine, please call the office as soon as you have been notified of the cancellation.

Teacher Cancellations If a class is cancelled suddenly because the teacher can’t make it, parents will be called by the Front office at Mill Hill. An announcement will be made over the public address system.

Children should go home as they normally do if their class is cancelled. If for some reason your child cannot follow their usual dismissal routine, please notify the office.

PLEASE NOTE: On the days that your child is scheduled for a class, please check your phone & email messages if you are not at home. Cancellations do happen on short notice and it is imperative that we are able to reach a parent.

Make-up Classes If a class is cancelled, the teacher will try to reschedule the class on a date that works for the class. If your child can’t attend the make-up session there will be no refund of the course fee. If classes can’t be made up due to calendar limitations, no refunds will be issued. Some courses have make-up dates scheduled, which will be listed on confirmation letters. For these classes, you will not be reminded of the make-up date in case of a cancellation, simply have your child show up on that date listed.

Refunds You can receive a full refund before the class begins if your child changes their mind. If you are looking for a refund after the class starts, this will be handled at the instructors discretion.

Scholarships There is scholarship assistance available to qualifying students.

Teaching a Course If you are interested in teaching a course for Above & Beyond, please email: millhill.activities@gmail.com.



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