Chess Club

Mill Hill Chess Club!

WHAT IS THE CHESS CLUB? The Chess Club is a weekly before-school activity for students in Grades 1-5.  Beginner players are taught the fundamentals of chess play and etiquette in a fun and comfortable environment through the “Learn to Play Chess” program, while experienced players further develop their game through weekly chess problems and practice play with other members in a round robin format. The game of chess is a lot of fun – and fosters critical thinking, logic and creativity.  The Mill Hill Chess Club also offers a great opportunity for kids to build friendships outside of their class and grade, practice good sportsmanship and build resilience.

WHEN IS IT? The “Learn to Play” Chess 6-week program will be held on THURSDAYS from 8 – 8:45 am. The program for advanced players will be held on FRIDAYS from 8 – 8:45 am.  Both programs are run out of the Mill Hill Art Room.  “Learn to Play” Chess begins on October 6th while the first 15-week session of the club will begin the week of September 30th. There will also be another 15-week session of the club that will begin in February.

WHO TEACHES THE KIDS? The Mill Hill Chess Club is run by Bruce Swan of DJA Chess Instruction. Bruce is also involved with the Chess Club at other local schools including Burr, Riverfield, Dwight, and St. Thomas Aquinas.

WHAT IS THE COST FOR THE CLUB? The cost for the “Learn to Play” 6-week program is $60. And the cost to participate in the 15-week session of the club is $120 (just $8 per class!). Kids new to the program are allowed to check out the club to see what it’s like before committing for the session.  Payment is due at the start of the 2nd class of each session and there are no refunds for missed classes.  We also ask that families who participate in the Club help out with Parent-on-Duty assignments to the extent they can.

I’M INTERESTED…HOW DO WE SIGN UP? If you have a child who is interested in participating in the Mill Hill Chess Club for the Fall session (for either the Beginner or Advanced players), please contact Kelly Jacobson at or 203-293-5821 by Tuesday, September 27th.  More details about the club kickoff will be sent to you soon after.

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