Homework Club

IT’S BACK! ……The Mill Hill School HOMEWORK CLUB!!

WHAT IS IT? The Homework Club is a FREE service offered by the Mill Hill PTA and Mr. Chase. Students in Grades 3—5 are invited to join. The Club is run by Mr. Chase, assisted by parent volunteers and Ms. Gorton. Students use this time to do homework or special projects, seek help if needed, find a quiet space to read or practice educational programs (IXL) on the computers. The Homework Club is fun, low-key and a great way to get homework done early!

WHEN IS IT? The Homework Club will operate Wednesdays from 3:45 to 4:30 pm in the LLC. 2016 FALL SESSION DATES ARE NOVEMBER 2, 9, 16, 30 and DECEMBER 7, 14

IS MY CHILD EXPECTED TO ATTEND EVERY WEEK? No. Use the Homework Club as needed. However, please sign up now if you think your child would like to participate. In addition, every time your child uses the Homework Club they must send a note to school that day, just like with other after-school programs.

I’M INTERESTED…HOW DO WE SIGN UP? Return form to the office by Monday, October 31st. Then send a note to school with your child every day they use the club. Please note—snacks are not allowed and there is no on-site medical care available after school hours. Student pickup is at 4:30 from the front foyer at the school entrance.

QUESTIONS? Elizabeth Courtney (203-280-2869 (mobile)or xeaux@yahoo.com) or Mr. Chase. Parents—please indicate if you are able to assist with Parent-on-Duty responsibilities.

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