This is a National PTA program involving student competition in Art, Music, Photography, Literature and Film Production. The committee needs to publicize the competition to Mill Hill students, find judges, be sure students adhere to rules, deliver winning entries to State PTA office in Hamden, organize and display entries, present certificates to winners and later retrieve winning entries from Hamden.

Advertising and competition start in October or November.  Judging takes place in December.  Winning entries are delivered to state offices in January.  Display of entries and presentation of awards are done in late January or February.

If you would like more information or are interested in volunteering, please contact Committee Chair Heather Ferullo.

Reflections 2013 was ‘Believe, Dream, Inspire.”.  Mill Hill had two CT state place winners!

The PTA National arts contest Reflections will run from approximately November through early January.  To keep the contest fair for everyone, the deadline will not be extended and late entries will not be accepted.

Students may enter one or more of the following categories:  Literature, Visual Arts, Photography, Musical Composition, Film and Dance/Choreography.  Students will compete against student in their age division, K-2nd and 3rd – 5th.  The winner of each category and age division will have their work submitted to compete in the CT state competition.

Please click for complete rules on all categories.

If you have lost the entry form and would like to print a new one, click*%7C359%7C*%7CReflections-2013-14%7C*%7C13-14-Student-Entry-Form.pdf.

Note:  All student work should be labeled on the back in the following way:  ct.level.category.lastname.firstname.  For example:  ct.primary.literature.smith.mary


  • Have students sketch or do a rough draft before creating the real piece of work.
  • Encourage students to enter the photography, musical composition, dance/choreography and film categories.  We get very few entries in these categories.
  • Make sure the work is the student’s work.  Parents may write for students in K-1st, but the words must be the students.  Adults should not take part in the work.
  • Literature entries may be written or typed.
  • Parents may type and help students with spelling/grammar, but should not alter the work as told by the student.
  • Parents must help children by going to the rules website above and making sure all rules for their category have been followed.

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