FairTV Recordings

Listed below are recent Town Meetings recorded by FairTV.  Most recent are listed first.
For the current FairTV broadcast schedule, click here… http://www.fairfieldct.org/fairtv/schedule

  • Board of Education 3/19/2018: Discussion of Facilities Planning – Milone & MacBroom Scenarios
https://dv2.discovervideo.com/play/?vod=51458 (see in video starting around 2hr:25min:24sec)
Meeting Minutes: not yet available.

  • Board Of Selectmen 2/21/2018: Mill Hill Bldg Funding & Grant
Draft Meeting Minutes: http://www.fairfieldct.org/filestorage/79/125/61964/Minutes_02-21-2018_Draft.pdf

  • Board of Education 2/13/2018: Sherman & Mill Hill Ed Specs
Draft Meeting Minutes: http://cdn.fairfieldschools.org/boe/meetings/minutes/DRAFT%20Feb%2013%202018jg.pdf

  • Mill Hill PTA Meeting with Board of Education Chairman, Philip Dwyer – 2/6/2018

  • Board of Selectman Meeting – 1/31/2018: Mill Hill, Sherman School Building Projects
https://dv2.discovervideo.com/play/?vod=50929 (see in video starting around 3:23 – 44:30)
Approved Meeting Minutes: http://www.fairfieldct.org/filestorage/79/125/61964/Minutes_01-31-2018.pdf

  • Board Of Education 1/9/2018: When vote on $1.5 million was taken and approved 
https://dv2.discovervideo.com/play/?vod=50649 (see in video starting around 0:55 minutes through 1:44)
Approved Meeting Minutes: http://cdn.fairfieldschools.org/boe/meetings/minutes/Approved%20Jan%209%202018%20Regular%20BOE%20Mtgjg.pdf

  • Board Of Education 12/12/2017: When $1.5 million expense was first presented
https://dv2.discovervideo.com/play/?vod=50279 (see in video starting around 1:57 – 2:20)
Approved Meeting Minutes: http://cdn.fairfieldschools.org/boe/meetings/minutes/Approved%20December%2012%20BOE%20Regular%20Minutesjg.pdf

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