Drop offs & Pick ups

Stop, Kiss, and Drop. Always safty first.

  1. Dropping off children before 8:45AM is prohibited under the Fairfield Public Schools’ district wide policy.
  2. When dropping off your children, please use the drop off loop (Entrance on Mill Hill Terrace, by the  baseball field) and pull your car up as far as possible.  Do NOT leave your car.  If your child needs assistance ask the attending teacher(s) to help. Please have your child exit from the passenger side of the car only.
  3. The front entrance of the school facing Mill Hill Rd is for children arriving by bus, or needing to report to the front office.
  4. When picking up, parents must park and meet at the designated pick up areas. It is suggested you arrive at 3:15 to give yourself enough time to park and walk to your designated dismissal exit.
  5. Under no circumstances should you instruct your child to meet you at your car!  This  is  against  school policy and is a serious safety concern.

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